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 Terms and Conditions of the "Win a trip to California" Competition as part of Trioliet's 65th anniversary


General Conditions 

1. These competition conditions are an addition to the Entry Terms and Conditions and apply to the "Win a trip to California" competition, hereinafter referred to as the Competition.
2.      This Competition is organised by Trioliet B.V., Kleibultweg 59, 7575 BW in Oldenzaal, The Netherlands, hereinafter referred to as Trioliet.
3.      The Competition starts on 1 June and ends at 23:59 on 14 December.
4.      The dealer/importer is defined as the person who sold the machine to the customer via an official Trioliet sales channel; this is the sales representative whose name is entered on the entry form.
5.      No correspondence may be entered into regarding the Competition.
6.      By taking part in the Competition, the participant declares that they agree to Trioliet's Competition Terms and Conditions and Entry Terms and Conditions.



7.      Participation in the competition is open to customers and sales representatives from official dealers/importers aged 18 and older and who hold a valid passport.
8.      This competition is only open to customers who order a new (self-propelled) mixer feeder, a stationary mixer or a new automatic feeding system from Trioliet via an official sales channel.
9.      The prize will also be awarded to the dealer/importer's sales representative for the winning order. The dealer/importer's sales representative therefore receives the same trip for two to California, USA, if their client/order is selected as the winning entry.
10.  Employees of Trioliet B.V. may not take part in the competition.


General Code of Conduct
11.  Competition entrants cannot derive any rights from and/or receive any compensation for taking part in this Competition other than what is expressly set out in these terms and conditions.


Form of Entry

12.  To enter this Competition you must do the following by 23:59 on 14 December 2015.
13.  You will receive an entry form when ordering a (self-propelled) mixer feeder, stationary mixer or an automatic feeding system from Trioliet. The completed entry form can be submitted in three ways:


1.      You can send it by post to: Trioliet, Freepost 1010, 7570 VD Oldenzaal, The Netherlands.

2.      In addition, you can download the entry form from our website www.trioliet.com and save it to your computer. This PDF document can be submitted in two ways:

a)      Send it to pr@trioliet.com or

b)      Print it out and send it by post to the address given above.

3.      You can also fill in the entry form online and submit it by clicking on 'Send'. You will receive a confirmation e-mail after submitting your entry online, which serves as proof of entry.

14.  Read the Competition Terms and Conditions and Entry Terms and Conditions. You can find these at www.trioliet.com.15.  The entry methods set out above are the only ways to enter the Competition.16.  Customers can enter the competition once for every (self-propelled) mixer feeder, stationary mixer or automatic feeding system ordered.


Prizes and Winners

17.  The winner will be selected by the Competition jury from the entries submitted and will be informed of this by e-mail within one and a half weeks of the close of the Competition (at the latest 23 December 2015). In this e-mail Trioliet will ask the winner for a number of personal details necessary for presentation of the prize.
18.  If the winner does not respond to this e-mail within 48 hours of its dispatch by Trioliet by providing the required personal details, their rights lapse and a new winner will be selected. If such an event occurs, all rights of the original winner to any compensation lapse without the possibility of recall.
19.  The prize on offer is an all-expenses-paid, six-day trip for two to California, USA, to the value of approx. €4,500.00. The trip will take place in February 2016. The trip consists of a visa application, an economy class return flight to California, including airport taxes and fees, shared transfers to and from the airport, five nights' accommodation in a three-star hotel, including breakfast and local charges, and two days' entry to the World Ag Expo in Tulare.
20.  The dealer/importer and the name of the sales representative for the relevant order should also be completed on the entry form. The prize will also be awarded to the sales representative for the winning order. The dealer/importer's sales representative therefore receives the same trip for two to the United States.

Note! Should there be a physical limitation, disability or other handicap (such as the use of oxygen bottles, a guide dog or anything else of the sort), raise this directly with Trioliet B.V. after receiving the e-mail announcing that you are the winner.

21.  The prize is non-transferable and cannot be resold, exchanged or disbursed as cash.

22.  A visa is required for travel to the United States of America. Help with the application is included in the prize. If the United States of America refuses the winner a visa, the prize will lapse and will be awarded to a new winner as soon as possible.
23.  Trioliet will take care of the declaration and payment of any cancellation fee incurred.


Publication, Publicity and Intellectual Property Rights
24.   Trioliet may photograph the winner(s) and publish the photos on a range of media, including its Facebook page, Twitter account and any other social media platforms.


Personal Information
25.  Each entrant warrants that any personal information they share with Trioliet as part of this Competition is correct, up to date and complete.
26.  The entrant accepts that by providing their information, they agree to Trioliet recording and using it when awarding the prize.


27.  Trioliet, persons linked to Trioliet and third parties are not liable for any damages, costs or charges that are connected with participation in the Competition and/or the inability to participate in the competition, the decision whether to award the prize, the acceptance of the prize or the utilisation thereof, except in the case of gross negligence or wilful misconduct.
28.  Entrants agree that they participate in the Competition at their own risk.
29.  Trioliet is not responsible for (the consequences of) any defect with the prize.
30.  By submitting the entry form the winner declares that they agree to all of the articles of these terms and conditions.
31.  Printing, spelling, technical or other sorts of errors cannot be used as a reason for additional liabilities for Trioliet.


Remaining Provisions
32.  Trioliet reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this competition in the meantime or to terminate the competition early if Trioliet considers it reasonable to do so. Contestants cannot derive therefrom any rights in respect of Trioliet.
33.  Where particular situations are not provided for in these terms and conditions, Trioliet will decide in this regard.
34.  The law of the Netherlands applies to these terms and conditions. Disputes must be submitted to the court in Almelo (Overijssel, The Netherlands).
35.  Trioliet retains the right to exchange the prize without prior notice for a prize of equal value if this is necessary or desirable in their judgement due to exceptional circumstances.


Trioliet Entry Terms and Conditions

Entry terms and conditions for contests, competitions and similar activities organised by Trioliet B.V.


General Conditions

These general Entry Terms and Conditions from Trioliet B.V., located at Kleibultweg 59, 7575 BW, Oldenzaal, apply to contests, all promotional games of chance, such as SMS & Win and Mail & Win competitions and similar activities that are organised by Trioliet B.V. or in cooperation with third parties.

With regard to promotional games of chance, the Code of Conduct for Promotional Games of Chance that came into effect on 1 January 2006 applies.

Entry to the competition implies acceptance of the Entry Terms and Conditions. No contestation of these terms and conditions will be taken into consideration.

Trioliet B.V. retains the right to suspend the competition due to force majeure at any time, as well as to end or modify it and not to proceed to disbursement of the prizes without any possibility of compensation for damages or claim for the winning contestants.


Entry and Entrants

Entry is open to any individual, with the exclusion of Trioliet B.V. employees and/or suppliers or sponsors with whom Trioliet B.V. collaborates with regards to the competition concerned and the disbursement of prizes.

Entrants are required to carry out the entry, including completion of the entry form, themselves.

Persons under the age of 18 may not enter.

Trioliet B.V. has the right at all times to ask an entrant to show a copy of a valid identity document.

An individual is not qualified as an entrant who takes part in a competition via a third party or intermediary. Trioliet B.V. retains the right to exclude third persons/parties from entering.

Trioliet B.V. has the right to exclude an entrant from a competition or not to proceed to disbursement of a prize if it appears that the entrant has provided incorrect, incomplete or misleading information, or commits fraud or seeks to commit fraud, or in any other way influences in an inadmissible manner or seeks to influence (participation in or the outcome of) the competition.

In no case can Trioliet B.V. be held responsible for the provision by a contestant of an incorrect telephone number, e-mail or home address, which leads to an incorrect or unknown address for the contestant, or for a malfunction in the network, hardware or software, which results in a limited or delayed provision of details by the contestant or loss of such information.



The prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or another prize.

Where there are a number of identical prizes to win, Trioliet B.V. will only award one prize per telephone number or home address.

The prizewinners will be informed personally. No correspondence may be entered into regarding the outcome of the competition. The results of the competition can be found on the website provided or other authorised media.

Trioliet B.V. makes the prizes available that are not distributed as cash in the state that they are in at that moment. Trioliet B.V. is not responsible for any (visible and/or hidden) defects and/or any damage to the prizes (including damage caused by shipping and/or other forms of transport). Any gambling tax and VAT that must be paid in connection with the prizes shall be paid by Trioliet B.V.

By taking part in the competition any prizewinner agrees that he/she is ready to take part in promotional activities in connection with the competition, including the awarding of the prize. Any photographs, films or other material sent in by the contestant within the framework of the competition entry or entries can be used by Trioliet B.V. for publicity purposes without requiring prior notice to or agreement from the contestant.


Personal Information

The contestant gives their agreement by taking part in the competition to all data collection and provision of same to third parties that is considered necessary for the organisation of the competition and the presentation of prizes.

The entrant acknowledges that they are advised of the collection and provision of the above-mentioned data and of the use that can be made thereof and agrees to Trioliet B.V.'s privacy and cookie policies.


Change to the Entry Terms and Conditions and Technical Provisions

Trioliet B.V. can modify the general Entry Terms and Conditions at any time; Trioliet B.V. advises you to consult their provisions regularly. Trioliet B.V. does not guarantee the continuous and undisturbed operation of its website(s) or services used or delivered by it. Despite the greatest possible care that Trioliet B.V. spends on the management of its website, it is possible that the information is incomplete or incorrect. The contestant is responsible for adequate provisions (such as telecommunication facilities) to enter the competition.



If an entrant has a complaint or objections in connection with the competition organised by Trioliet B.V., the entrant can make these known to Trioliet B.V. within five working days of the complaint being raised or being able to be reasonably established, by sending a letter to Trioliet B.V., Kleibultweg 59, 7575 BW Oldenzaal for the attention of the PR Department under the title "Complaint regarding prize competition". Where promotional games of chance are concerned, a complaint may also be lodged with the Project Bureau for Games of Chance at the Ministry of Justice.



Trioliet B.V. is not liable for any damage of any kind that results from or is connected with (participation in) a competition. Printing, spelling, typographic or other errors cannot be held against Trioliet B.V. and cannot create an obligation for Trioliet B.V. in any way. Trioliet is not liable for any damage of any kind in connection with the use of the website or links to websites of third parties on its website or other technical facilities. Trioliet B.V. is not responsible or liable for costs that the entrant incurs in connection with participation in the competition.      


Force Majeure

Trioliet B.V. reserves the right not to proceed to disbursement of one of more prizes in a case of force majeure. The term force majeure is understood to include in any case a declaration of bankruptcy by the supplier and/or sponsor of a prize and/or application for a moratorium on payment by this supplier and/or sponsor.


Applicable Law

The law of the Netherlands applies to these general terms and conditions, the specific entry conditions and the competition. Any disputes in connection with this will be submitted to the competent court at Almelo (Overijssel, The Netherlands).

Oldenzaal, 28 May 2015